Western Reserve Counseling Service, Inc. - Counseling/Extended Treatment for Children, Adolescents & Adults

Don't Let the Stress & Burden of Life, Grief, Relationships, Work, Family & Unhealthy Behavior Issues Ruin Your
Happiness, Health & Success
If you or someone you know or love could benefit from professional advice and counseling to help cope with life's up and downs, work, family matters, mental health and/or negative behavior, please Contact Us at anytime on our web site, or call (440) 352-8954 or visit our office for an initial and confidential diagnostic assessment. 

Regardless of their level of income, Western Reserve Counseling Service helps individuals and families to learn how to cope with life and to build success personally, professionally and as a family in today's society.  Our goal is to assist clients in learning to have confidence in themselves and to respect others as unique individuals with needs and emotions that must be recognized. Life issues such as loss of a loved one, relationship issues, parenting/family issues, PTSD and many other life issues can cause unhealthy personal and professional outcomes.  In addition, they can lead to negative behavior, such as anger management, unhealthy sex, drug and alcohol abuse, causing serious problems on both a personal and professional level. In addition, it can ruin valuable relationships with family members, children, friends and even co-workers and managers at your place of employment.

Western Reserve Counseling provides cost-effective services for diagnostic assessment, individual and group counseling and therapy and extended treatment programs dealing with stress, grief and anger. We have a qualified staff of qualified and professional therapists whose areas of specialization include therapeutic intervention with individuals, families and groups. Therapy is provided individually or through group therapy, dependent upon the client's needs.

We Offer:
-Pre-Marital Counseling
-Marital Therapy
-Couples & Family Therapy
-Individual Therapy with Adults
-Individual Therapy with Adolescents
-Individual Therapy with Children
-Parent-Child Therapy
-Separation and Divorce Counseling 
Anger Management/Domestic Violence Programs
-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Call us to schedule an in depth and confidential
evaluation by professional therapists who will provide
recommendations for individualized treatment.

If there is a psychiatric emergency when the office is closed, please call
 (440) 953-TALK to immediately access the Lake County emergency 
psychiatric after hour's service.


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